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Suplee, Clooney & Company LLC, originally founded in 1946, is a firm of Certified Public Accountants, Registered Municipal Accountants and Public School Accountants operating in the State of New Jersey.  Providing quality auditing, accounting, and consulting services to a wide array of governmental, not-for-profit, and commercial entities, the firm consists of five partners and over thirty professional and support staff members.  There are 18 Certified Public Accountants, 11 Registered Municipal Accountants, 14 Licensed Public School Accountants, and 8 Certified Municipal Finance Officers on staff.  The staff has a vast and diverse background in governmental and non-profit auditing and accounting and is fully aware of the laws, rules and regulations with which its clients must operate.  By constantly monitoring the regulatory environment, we keep our staff up to date with the latest information. The firm employs a well educated, experienced and trained staff of professionals and helps keep them current through a vigorous Continuing Professional Education Program.  Suplee, Clooney & Company is fortunate to experience minimal employee turnover, thereby helping the firm to develop and maintain close personal contact and communication with clients.  We look beyond the basics, providing guidance to all who request it, whether it be to a Board Member, an Administrator, an Executive Director or Staff Person.

The partners are actively engaged with clients, whether it be an audit, budget assistance, a consulting project or any other service.  This participation enables us to obtain a more thorough understanding of our client's needs,  which in turn assists us in providing sound  professional service and guidance on complex issues.  Our partners and staff are always available to answer questions.  We do not view an audit as a negative service, but rather as a way to establish a working relationship in order to meet the special needs of our clients.


...founded in 1946

...18 Certified Public Accountants

...11 Registered Municipal Accountants

...8 Certified Municipal Finance Officers

...14 Licensed Public School Accountants


...specializing in local & county government, public school districts, and not-for-profit entities

in New Jersey

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